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Venus Factor Reviews

Venus+FactorVenus Factor is a weight loss program designed especially for women. It is true and rather cruel that it is genetically more difficult for women to lose weight as compared to men. It is due to some unique physiological factors and what makes Venus Factor so effective is that it counters these physiological factors. You need to read Venus Factor reviews to find out how the system works and how easy it has made weight loss for women.In this Venus Factor Review, you will find out the detail description of the programs and how it is different from countless other diet programs in the market.

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Venus Factor-The Easiest Way to Lose Weight

Weight loss will definitely become easier if your body is cooperating with you. The reason why countless women don’t attain the desired weight lose results and often gain more weight than before is that there are some factors in their bodies which are working against the weight loss. Especially after childbirth, most women can never get there pre pregnancy body back.

No matter how hard they try they reach a plateau after losing some weight and then it seems impossible to lose more weight. This is where Venus Factor works when all else fails.


The Science behind Venus Factor Philosophy

The Venus Factor weight loss program is not magic though it seems so; you just have to see the results. It is not just a combination of keeping yourself starved and exhausted with dieting and workouts. It actually internally conditions your body to lose weight; it makes your body cooperate with you.

To understand how Venus Factor works, you have to understand how the female body is different and what John Barban, the creator of this weight loss program discovered which led him to accomplish this amazing feat.



John Barban: The Man behind Venus Factor

John Barban is a renowned name when it comes to fitness and wellness. He has been associated with the most successful weight loss programs during the past decade. The weight loss industry is constantly changing and the researchers are constantly busy looking for healthier, faster and effective ways to lose weight.

During one of his extensive researches on female metabolism John Barban made a stunning and ground breaking discovery, a discovery which has surely changed the face of female weight loss.

John Barban had seen his own sister struggle with her weight problems for years and basically she was the reason why he pursued his career as a wellness expert and nutritionist. He tested his theory on his sister first and as expected the results were astounding. She, who could not lose weight, went from 200 lbs to 147 lbs.

John Barban had basically hit the jackpot for every woman trying to win the losing battle.


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What John Barban Discovered

John Barban discovered two things about the female physiology which made weight loss very difficult and then he formulated a method by which these two things could be countered and hence weight loss became possible for the most hopeless cases.

When you talk about the science involved in burning fat you need to know about Leptin. Leptin is a hormone that is directly responsible for the burning of fat. The Leptin signals are very efficient in men and fat burning is easier. Now women have more Leptin in their bodies but they also develop a condition known as Leptin resistance in which the Leptin signals become ineffective and the body does not burn fat at all.

Venus_Weight_LossSo one of the things that makes weight loss difficult for women is the Leptin resistance. The second problem is that when women start dieting the levels of Leptin drop rather drastically and the metabolic rate reduces significantly. That means that they need to work out a lot more to burn the fat.

This leads to fatigue and exhaustion. When results are not desirable most women quit and more than often have to face depression, lower self esteem and lack of confidence.

The Venus Factor weight loss Program tells you how to counter these issues and make your weight loss program more effective and efficient. It doesn’t mean that weight loss will become easier and you will have to work out less and you can cheat on your diet but it definitely ensures that you will get results from your diet and your workout plans will be rewarded with corresponding fat burning results since your metabolic rate will be higher than average.

Venus Factor Reviews

For women who are skeptical about Venus Factor because they have had tried their luck with so many other weight loss programs unsuccessfully should read some Venus Factor reviews. Women, real women from around the world are so happy with Venus Factor. This 12 Week life changing program has changed the lives of countless women who had given up hope of losing weight. In just 12 weeks you can get the body you dreamt of and can fight your own body and condition it to aid you in losing weight rather than working against you.


The Venus Factor weight loss program is complete and comprehensive. It covers all bases. A virtual nutritionist will help you make customized diet plans and you will learn to eat foods that will improve your Leptin levels and increase your metabolism. You will get excellent work out plans along with demonstrations which will help you lose weight from the right problem areas. Plus these work outs will guide you in the right direction. You will have to put less energy and will be able to lose more weight.

In short, Venus Factor teaches you how to lose weight like a woman and if you exercise like a man you will only be killing yourself with exhaustion instead of getting better results.

Venus Factor weight loss system is so effective that you have a complete 60 days money back guarantee. Work hard and honestly and follow all the directions you are given and if you don’t lose weight as promised you can get your money back.

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Venus Factor – Losing Weight Faster Without Hassle

venus factor

Many women battle with weight issues and have tried several weight loss programs with no success. The Venus Factor is the perfect remedy for achieving the desired weight. This is a program specifically designed for ladies and it entails on scientific facts. The entire program takes 12 weeks and if followed to the letter, there will be no hindrances to achieving positive results.

John Barban, a world-renowned fitness expert, creates the program. He has made appearances on Oprah and CNN guaranteeing to help women when all else has failed. If you are one of the women, who is in dire need to acquire a new looking then this program is ideal for you. It not only works but also rather produces results faster than you could possibly imagine.

What is Venus Factor and How It Works?

The program is based on two things; doing routine exercises and following the diet provided. The system is actually easy to follow and stick to. It offers results within the shortest time possible. The market is full of products that promise to give you the perfect body you have always dreamt of. You need not to worry; Venus Factor is scientifically investigated and targets on how a woman’s mechanic and metabolism operates. The weight-loss system provides women with a bespoke program based on ones genetic metabolic functions. One thing that makes the effective weight loss program more advantageous is the leptin.

This is one of the main components, which has made the Venus Factor System to offer satisfactory results to users who commit to it. Leptin is a hormone accountable for filling up after a meal. The higher the leptin levels, the least the urge to consume foods. In this Particular aspect, there is no room to store fat. Maintaining a diet simply means lower levels of leptin, which certainly leads to hunger. This makes women feel the urge to eat all the time and this is the reason why many end up quitting and adding more weight using a normal diet. The system for this program differs from the other weight loss and diet programs.

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No starvation is needed and women are not restricted on what to eat. They can eat what they enjoy, but in smaller quantities depending on their current body weight. The calorie counter is used to determine the amount of food allowed to be eaten. This makes the leptin levels fall within the optimum values and the pounds kept away from the body without any hassle. As compared to men’s bodies, women produce higher quantities of leptin. This basically implies that their potential of weight loss is greater and more advanced. The purpose of the diet program is to change the way the body uses this hormone so as to acquire results.

Benefits that make the weight loss program worthy

The program is created to help you lose the unwanted weight you have been battling with and make you get into shape for good. The program works by toning muscles and burning fat, making it one of the most popular and sought after products in the market today. This is not a trial program where you find you lose weight and add even more back after completing the weight-loss program. It is a diet and lifestyle-changing program. Women with doubt have nothing to lose. John Barban, the inventor of the program guarantees you a full refund if you fail to see some results within the first 60 days of commencing the weight loss program.

The diet is not specifically designed to target only a few extremely disciplined women who can actually stick to it. It caters also for ice cream and chocolate craving users. The 12-week weight loss program comes with recommendations and complete guide concerning women’s lifestyle and daily nutrition. In addition, the 12-week weight loss plan involves workout exercises. The exercises do not include over-training and cardio exercises, which are normally included in most diet and weight loss programs. Even though throughout the week the exercise turn out to be more challenging, they remain easy to perform and flexible.

The video and manual provided offers a complete guide on how to conduct the exercise routines. Therefore, despite your experience of level of fitness, this program is ideal for any woman of any caliber. The main objective of the program is to strengthen the women’s metabolism and unlock fat burning potential at the same ensuring a right and well-balanced diet is maintained. The Venus Factor Reviews have numerous surprising and successful result encountered by women who have undertaken this program. The result noticed within a short time frame motivates women to continue with the weight loss plan until they attain their ideal body weight.

What people are saying

Many women who have used the program confess to finding useful information, which they did not know regarding their body. Most people seeking to lose weight do not actually know that their weight diet plan does not need to involve starvation. This is a poor approach, which hardly works. Best thing with Venus Factor is that it displays what exercises and diet plans are suitable for you. The diet plans and workouts can be customized to fit your exact body type. However, your diet plan and workouts will change as you lose some pounds and your body starts to change.

One of the main reasons why people do not see results with dieting is because of failure to keep up with the meal plans. It is exceptional with this program since you can consume normal food interspersed with days that require no strict plan. The weight loss program comes with two software programs. One of the programs calculates your height, age, weight and other relevant body measurements to determine the right meal for you.


The second software is used to determine the workout routines. Just like in finding the appropriate meal, you use your body measurements to find a custom workout that suits your body type. For people who are time conscious, the program will not interfere with your daily routine. The workouts can be done in the comfort of your own home. Besides that, they are low impact and are designed to fit around your schedule.



One of the biggest discoveries ever in the weight loss business came from Jeffrey Friedman who, in 1994, realised that he could aid the naturally obese Ob mouse to shed its weight by injecting it with leptin, an element absent within the mouse’s constitution.

And while this particular discovery proved quickly successful and popular, even creating speculations of the multi trillion dollar cures that could be procured from the discovery, elation quickly turned to disappointment upon learning that most obese people actually contained considerable amounts of leptin.

And it was with the decision to drop any further exploration of leptin that pharmaceutical companies proved themselves, once more,of possessing little to no interest in furthering the interest of science in the absence of immediate financial gain, an obvious loss considering how important leptin is to human health and vitality.


Leptin is a powerful hormone, influential in its ability to regulate eating and reproduction, communicating with the brain to determine when you should experience hunger, feed and even create fat, an interesting occurrence when taking into account the fact that the leptin hormoneis created by fat.



Once considering little more than an irrelevant energy depot, it wasn’t until the discovery of leptin and its consequential effects on the human body that fat found itself raising to a new place of importance, of equal value to the ovaries, pituitary glands and other endocrine glands.

The importance of leptin is such that one might place the brain in a subservient position relative to this hormone, which is responsible for updating the brain on the available levels of energy and how they should be utilized.

Leptin Weight Loss

The role leptin plays in the weight gain/loss game will manifest as positive or negative depending on the situation. Most overweight persons will agree that losing weight can be quite a pain, and many an individual can attest to shedding weight for a time only for the body to regain it after a period.

And, for better or worse, occurrences such as these fall at the feet of leptin which is basically assigned the role of super regulator. There is such a thing as a set point of one’ weight that the body will work to maintain, shedding where necessary and gaining where needed, and all such decisions come from leptin.

Scientist have imputed this to events of the past, that saw early humans survive in an environment that required strength and speed; and as such it was leptin’s role to keep the body within the right weight point, keeping just enough in its stores where necessary but not too much as to lead to obesity, which would be dangerous.

This regulatory process is fairly simple on a whole, with an individual approaching obesity finding himself in possession of too much fat, which will generate extra leptin that will warn the brain of the excess fat in storage, ask it to burn the excess and seize any actions related to hunger and eating and the like.

It is for this reason that science has shown great interest in leptin as a possible solution to mattes of obesity; because to stop a person from being hungry, to stop eating excessively is to nip the obesity crisis in the bud.

Except this isn’t likely to happen and stopping a hungry person from eating is almost impossible, which is where leptin comes in, perfectly purposed to achieve just this one task.

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